Friday, April 8, 2016

Springtime in Illinois

We've been in Illinois for the past couple of days. I've been so excited because this is where Luke's parents live, and my dog is here!! She's laying in my lap as I type this!

In my last post, I wrote that we moved into Luke's parents' basement, so I guess technically we are home right now. We had a couple of off days because our booking guy bailed last minute, so that is really super dumb, but at least we have nice places to stay.

Tomorrow night we are playing in Chicago! I'm really excited. It will be our second time to play in the city, and my fourth time to visit. I hadn't ever been there until October when we first moved up into this area. It's a nice city, and there is so much to see. I'm not all about that city life, though. It is way too busy and crowded for me. I like that we live in the outskirts in a sleepy little town. It's the best place to relax in between tours.

It has been SNOWING all day today. It was so strange because it was sunny and snowing at the same time. I've never seen that before. What an odd thing to happen, especially in the SPRINGTIME. I'm jealous because it is nice t-shirt weather back in Joplin. I've been cold all day long up here. Brrr.

Anyway, I have some work I need to get done before we have a nice little movie night with the in-laws. I think we are watching Saving Mr. Banks, which is one of the best movies, so I'm really excited!!
This is my little Eleanor - Ellie for short

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